I’m Jay. I help unmarried, millennial couples like you build solid relationships you can feel confident committing to for the long haul.

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How I Can Help You

  • “With Jay’s help, we now have tools to use to diffuse our arguments and have seen clear improvements in our ability to communicate issues without them escalating into full out arguments.”

    Dayna & Bruce
  • “When I learned that my partner cheated on me, the first person I reached out to (even before calling my mother) was Jay. His responsiveness, patience, wisdom and sensitivity to us during one of the most painful times of our lives was invaluable. Because of Jay’s insight and support, my partner and I are still together, growing our partnership with greater perspective and wisdom than ever before.”

  • “Jay is great at diving deep into particular problems, dissecting them and coming up with ways that can help solve them. He doesn’t take sides, he simply helps one person understand the others point of view and vice versa.”

    Kendra & Greg
  • “Jay was influential in helping solidify the cracks in our relationship after infidelity temporarily destroyed the overall integrity of it. Today we are stronger, wiser, and able to communicate with a repertoire of techniques to support each other through any challenges that come our way. Most importantly we are happily evolving in unison as a focused couple.”


The Blog

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January 26, 2016
What NOT To Do When You and Your Partner Disagree

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January 20, 2016
Here’s How You Might Be Keeping Your Relationship From Improving

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